Turkey Complete


Turkey complete

10 % bone 

10 % Offal 

80 % Meat

Have you ever considered feeding your dog raw food diet?

Crossed your mind but your unsure please consider these points below 👇

• Less ‘doggy’ smell ✅

• Toilet habits are much nicer to handle! 💩

• Shiny, glossy and non greasy coat 🐾

• Sparkly teeth and odourless breath – forever…💯

• Pure enthusiasm about food (yes even more!) 🐶

• Raw is perfect for yeasty, colitis-y, itchy, sore and smelly dogs!✅

• Less itching✅

• Less hyperactivity✅

• Less trumps!✅

• More contented💯

• Less disease – lives for longer🐶

• Vets bills a lot less!✅

Each block is 454g

Sound good to you???

Let's look at the science behind Raw!! 🐶

A dog is designed from its teeth, through its physical attributes to its digestive system to compliment a diet of raw meat, bone and offal.   As such it has multiple benefits just some of which are listed above!!🐾


Raw food is designed with the dogs best interests at heart hence why we highly recommend it!!  💯


Their digestive systems are not designed to digest carbohydrates! therefor if you love ❤️ your dog and want the best for them we recommend you choose a raw food diet!

It has multiple benefits for your dog and for you!

Heres some more info!!🐶

  • ✅The benefits work from the inside out! 
  • ✅Noticeable improvements in your dogs teeth, skin, coat and temperament
  • ✅No carbohydrates, no nasty Chemicals or additives in this food
  • ✅Complete raw has a lower bone content 80% Meat 10% Bone 10% Offal  
  • ✅Toilet habits 💩 are drastically improved as there is less dog waste which ultimately means less poo for you to pick up!!
  • ✅We advise you ween your dog between a week to two week period and gradually reduce the old food whilst you introduce the raw to their diet.

Important information!! 

We only sell Raw food to customers within a 10 mile radius of S41 7UE this is due to local delivery only being available subject to a delivery cost.