Vet bedding

Type: Dog Bed

Fluffy and soft Vet bedding for your Doggy to chill and relax on. 🐾🐶😴

Most dogs will scratch, dig and sniff an area before they curl up for a snooze. This is something that their wild ancestors used to do and has been inherited by your dog. The reason behind it is to remove any debris and to expose the cooler dirt. The thick fleece of Vet bedding lets your dog mimic these rituals and allow their natural instincts.

Vet bedding can be used as a mat or pad for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and lots of other animals. Vet bedding can also be used for older dogs as an orthopaedic dog bed after surgery as it moulds to the their body shape and reduces pressure on their limbs. It is great for dogs who suffer from hip dysplasia, arthritis, stiffness, muscle pain or a range of other pet health issues.

Colours may vary slightly depending on stock available.

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