Natural Treat Box

Type: Raw Food
🐶 Lilly and Tuckers Treats 🐾
100% natural ✅
Full of flavour and goodness ✅
Delivered to your door ✅
Subscription available ✅
Eco friendly packaging ✅

No nasty plastic packaging! ✅ 
Good for your Dog and the Planet ✅
£20 box so the Treat Jar is Never Empty
We guarantee your dog will be barking mad for more!


Fur provides an excellent source of fibre for your dog's diet and can help flush out any nasties in your dog's digestive system (such as parasite eggs). It is believed that the fur brushes through the intestines and dislodges worms and eggs in the digestive system. 

Rabbit Ears hairy or non hairy,
Pig Snouts dried or puffed,
Chicken Feet dried or puffed,
Fish Cubes,
Cut Trachea,
Chicken Necks,
Rind Rolls,
Other natural treats may be added if any of the above are out of stock, always a nice surprise for your pooch
Always great value for money 💰 
Contents may vary depending on stock availability at time of order
Lilly and Tucker hope your dogs enjoy their treats & don’t forget to subscribe so the treat jar is never empty!!

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