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Natural dog treats your dog will love!🐾

Chicken feet
Chicken neck
Rabbit ears
Fish Cubes
Pig Snouts
Many more delicious options!!
We post out all our treats in bags for freshness then you can top up your treat jar :) If you don't have your very own personalised treat jar feel free to let us know and we will have you one made!! 

Send us an email if you wish to order your recycled personalised jar ❤️
Shipping available (Shipping rates apply)

What to look for in a healthy dog treat!

A healthy dog treat should: 

  • Be free from artificial colours, preservatives and flavourings, to which your dog may be sensitive
  • Contain no added sugar
  • Contain no ‘fillers’—bulking ingredients with no nutritional value
  • Contain simple, natural ingredients carefully prepared to preserve their nutrients and flavour
  • Be delicious—and keep your dog coming back for more!


We are certain your dog will love them just like Lilly's dog Tucker does ✅ 

Enjoy your purchase love Lilly & Tucker xx🐾

puppy love tucker and Lilly 

🐾Please do be careful when feeding your dogs and monitor at all times 🐾

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